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Woodex Plywood

What is WOODEX PLYWOOD (Plywood)?
 LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH RESISTANCE, COMFORTABLE USE, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, WITH A WIDE FIELD OF APPLICATION. Plywood has a very good mechanical strength and is very light in use. Layer number is generally produced as an odd number, such as 7,9,11,13,15. Also, if layers are pressed in different directions, production style is a structure that resists shock effects that will occur with vibration, which increases strength.

Environmentally Friendly
It is a panel consisting of plywood tree layers. In its production, completely natural and recyclable materials are used.

 Saving on time
Woodex Plywood allows you to obtain a better quality and smooth concrete surface with lower plaster cost as well as time saving thanks to its easy use.

Multiple Uses
 Woodex Plywood, which has the possibility to be reused many times according to the usage areas, can be used 15 to 20 times in the mold.

Practical Use
 Thanks to its easy-to-use features, Woodex Plywood can be used effortlessly without requiring advanced expertise.

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