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What is Plywood Construction?
Plywood is one of the most used and versatile materials, especially construction and furniture. Besides being a solid and durable material, plywood is relatively inexpensive compared to other similar wood boards.

It is frequently used in the construction industry because it is water and moisture resistant.
It is especially preferred in plasterless formwork systems as it is resistant to water and moisture. If you are wondering what is plywood;

Plywood is a forest product obtained from different tree types. It is obtained especially from strong trees such as beech, pumpkin and birch.

When a construction project requires long-term load bearing and structural performance, there is no stronger and more applicable wood product than structural plywood. Typically made of a series of softwood and parquet lumber types, it is produced using structural plywood type A phenolic adhesive. This makes it perfect for any permanent structural and designed application you plan to undertake.

When treated with preservatives, the structural plywood is more durable than with the A-bond. Even when used for outdoor applications and therefore subjected to harsh weather conditions, the preservative-treated structural plywood can withstand in some cases even more than its intended service life.
Structural plywood manufactured according to AS / NZS 2269 is produced in various stresses, thicknesses and face covering quality in various applications.

Structural plywood is the only way to go if the project requires a higher than usual structural performance. Consequently, birch plywood based structural plywood is the only type of wood panel with defined and standardized structural properties. Use non-structural plywood and you will risk building breakdown and final collapse. Structural plywood has many types and uses. If you want to make sure you are buying the right material from a reliable structural plywood supplier, we will be happy to assist you as Metehan Iskele.