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Cup-Lock Scaffold (Under-Form Scaffold)

Cup-Lock Scaffolding System Cup Lock Scaffolding System, thanks to its strength and high safety values, is a scaffolding system that is used comfortably and safely in exterior facades as well as being used as a carrier under-mold and volume scaffold in heavy floors and high structures. Consists of 48 * 3 mm horizontal and vertical elements. Fasteners are bottom cup, cup and almond. Almond boiled on both ends of the horizontal element is inserted into the lower stone element, which is fixed in the uprights, and locked by clamping with the cup, which is the mobile element, from the top. As the lower bowl intervals are 50 cm as standard, different applications can be made according to special projects, as the auxiliary elements, lower adjustment shafts, upper adjustment shafts with “4-way” or “U” heads, backrest apparatus and walking platforms are used. Optionally, production can be made in different sizes and thicknesses. Cup-lock scaffolding system, whose strength is maximized with the quality of the material used, the frequency of connections and the robustness of workmanship, is preferred in heavy flooring thanks to these features. METEHAN pier to meet the needs of turkey as the formwork materials ourselves, we have set a target Our company, where you can find many more such as under-mold scaffolding, cup-lock scaffolding, table scaffolding, construction scaffolding, exterior scaffolding, provides its customers with a reasonable price and quality product guarantee. METEHAN İskele, which has experience in purchasing and selling all kinds of scaffolding, is affordable and offers services in Ankara. In CUPLOCK İSKELE, the product range is zero and second hand METEHAN İSKELE WITH DIFFERENCE  CURRENT BEST SUITABLE SECOND AND ZERO CUPLOCK SCAFFOLDING PRODUCT PRICES AND CALL US NOW TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT OUR STOCKS.

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