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Flanged Type Scaffolding Systems

Wedged-Flanged Type Security Scaffolding
It is a system designed as a safe scaffold with horizontal and cross pipe ends with wedge-shaped nozzle, and vertical pipes with flanges.
According to the standard, new generation scaffolding system elements are GALVANİZ coated.

Security Flanged Scaffold vertical elements from Ø48,3 / 3,0mm pipe;

Wall clamps Ø48,3 / 3,2mm;

Ø12mm rod iron is produced on the pipe.

Horizontal and cross members are made of Ø48,3 / 2,5mm pipe.

Dovetails are made of cast material. The pipes used in the production of Safety Wedge Flanged Scaffolding are TSE certified, mechanically tested ST37 class pipes.

Flanged scaffolding system is a high capacity freight scaffolding system with rigid connection points without requiring both front scaffolding and too many connection apparatus.

Flanged facade scaffold, 70 cm in horizontal depth as standard. tall and 1-3 m. It can be made between any length.

It can also be used as a mobile scaffolding with the help of wheels added to the lower adjustment shafts.

Why Choose Wedged Flanged Scaffolding?

* You do not have a very large storage area, if you want a scaffolding system that takes up little space, your choice is; Wedged Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System

* If your staff in the scaffolding disassembly team is careless and hasty, if there is the possibility of throwing the scaffold directly from above, then your choice; Wedge Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System

* If your vehicle is small during transportation or you want to pay less shipping cost for more materials; Wedged Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System

* The main carrier pipe diameters and thicknesses are the same in both systems. However, if you want the groves and braces to be larger than the diameter of the pipes and not to shake when they are pushed into place, your choice is; Wedged Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System

* If you are going to use the scaffold that you bought for use in the exterior, you will also use it as a volume scaffold for processing on the ceilings of the gallery spaces; Wedged Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System

* If there is damage to a certain part of your scaffold main carrier pipes, if you want to shrink it to a short size instead of scrapping it, it is your choice; Wedge Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System.

** Since the distances between strut are 250cm in H Type and 300cm in Wedge Flange Type, if you are going to use long materials on the scaffolding; Wedged Flanged Type Security Scaffolding System



Buckling Calculations of 48X3 mm Flanged Props (TS 648, DIN 4114) were made according to Technical Norms.

After a little research on Flanged Scaffolding Prices, you will find that the best choice is Metehan Scaffolding and Formwork Systems. Wedged-Flanged Scaffolding System; It is a multi-purpose scaffolding that can be used in all kinds of facade works, art structures, industrial facilities, elevator wells, shipbuilding and repair works. For this reason, it is among our most preferred products by our customers.

Galvanized Scaffolding Prices, as is known, are more than necessary and do not provide sufficient work efficiency. Considering the Flanged Scaffolding Prices, our customers choose Safety Scaffolding.

What is Flanged Scaffolding? The question is among the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Flanged Scaffolding Systems is an easy-to-install scaffolding consisting of state-of-the-art building elements. As Gürbüz Scaffolding and Formwork Systems, Security means everything to us.

For this reason, we offer our customers security flanged scaffolding with up-to-date designs instead of old fashioned systems.

Secure Wedge-Flanged Scaffolding System creates rigidity with the connection system consisting of vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements. In this way, it is resistant to buckling and has a safe load carrying capacity. Considering Scaffolding Flange Prices, it may be more reasonable to choose Flanged Scaffolding.

Flanged Scaffolding Prices
When Flanged Scaffold Prices are examined, we can see that they are affected by many variables. Scaffolding usage form, usage place, duration of use come from these variables. Some of our customers benefit from Second Hand Scaffolding Prices and advantages instead of a zero scaffolding system. Second Hand Plaster Scaffolding Prices are more appropriate and therefore preferred. However, the advantages we offer you are not limited to these!


IMPORTANT NOTE: For other Facade Scaffolding Systems, we aspire to be your solution partner with our expert staff at the most affordable prices.

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