Under Table Formwork Scaffolding

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Under Table Formwork Scaffolding

TABLE TYPE UNDER PATTERN SCAFFOLDING It is used as carrier scaffolding under flooring and beams. It can be used in 3 different ways, such as table formwork, scaffolding and ladder tower. Lower adjustment shafts are used to level the ground, and upper adjustment shafts with “4 way” or “U” heads are used to level the floor and beam bottom. The table mold can be moved without dismantling with the help of a transport cart and a crane. The system is designed by METEHANİSKELE according to your mold project. Panels are 150 cm wide and 110 - 150 - 180 cm high. Panels are produced from 60 * 3 mm, horizontal and diagonal connections are made of 34 * 2.5 mm TSE certified mechanical tests. Automatic gas welding machines are used in our production. The system is painted with 2 layers of rapid paint, it is also covered with galvanized upon request. Under table formwork scaffolding systems are carrier scaffolding systems. Thanks to the formwork scaffolding application, it provides ease of use at large heights and heavy loads. As it consists of standard elements, it provides fast and easy installation. They can be transported with the help of cranes and wheeled private cars. Thanks to its easy, fast assembly and disassembly feature, it is a highly safe system that saves time and labor.

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