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Plaster Pier

Flanged Wedged (Spider) Scaffolding System The flanged facade scaffolding system used in exterior applications provides a very safe and practical work environment. It consists of a flanged vertical element and horizontal elements with a locking mechanism called the dovetail. Connection points consist of flange made of 8 mm sheet, dovetail made of 4 mm sheet and wedge made of 8 mm sheet. Vertical elements are produced as standard industrial pipe, 48 * 2.50 mm, horizontal elements 48 * 2.50 mm TSE Certificated, subjected to mechanical tests. As the auxiliary elements, adjustment shafts, adjustable wall fixing apparatus, 70 cm pipes providing side connections, walking platforms from the sheet metal or timber and stairs inside the pier are used. The vertical elements are welded with an 8 mm flange at 50 and 100 cm intervals as standard, and can be applied to projects in different applications. 8 horizontal fasteners can be mounted on each flange of the pillars from different directions. This system gives horizontal elements 360 degrees of movement around a perpendicular. Thus, it provides a practical workflow by adapting to all kinds of recesses and projections of the building facades at the maximum level.

As a connection apparatus for horizontal elements, the special strength of the 4 mm steel sheet at both ends is boiled with a special twist and the strength of the dovetail. To make the connection, a 6 mm wedge is used. In this way, the carrying capacity and durability of the system is kept at the highest level. Safety is at the highest level with the railing system, which is produced in accordance with all kinds of flanges. The first priority for us is job security. In this respect, we never compromise on the quality of the manufacturing material used, and the meticulousness we show on craftsmanship during the manufacturing phase.  SPIDER ISKELE NEW AND SECOND HAND METEHAN ISKELE DIFFERENT  CALL US NOW TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT OUR CURRENT BEST AND SECOND PRODUCT PRICES AND OUR STOCKS.  0 312 396 32 15 0 532 410 37 03 0 532 576 04 95 ALSO YOUR SECOND HAND MATERIALS ARE AT THE HIGHEST PRICE. DO NOT SELL YOUR MATERIAL WITHOUT PRICE FROM US !!! WITH OUR LARGE PRODUCT RANGE, THE MOST SUITABLE SOLUTIONS ARE PROVIDED FOR ANY PROJECT. WE ARE WAITING FOR OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS WITH THE WORLD OF SECOND HAND ALTERTANIVES. Flanged Scaffolding Wedged Pier Security Scaffolding Facade Pier H type Scaffolding Facade Scaffolding Prices Plaster Pier Prices Security Scaffolding Prices H type scaffolding prices

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